About Us

Superior Appliance ServiceSuperior Appliance Service established by Scott Rodrigues in Alameda County, California in1985. Doing Appliance Service and Repairs in the Hayward, Castro Valley, Fremont, Newark, Union City, San Lorenzo, San Leandro areas. We have 38 years of Appliance experience and 27 years in business.

The business of Appliance Repair was created from a combination of curiosity and necessity. Scott, the owner operator and master technician says when he was between six and seven he would help his mother on wash day and wonder what made the washer agitator go back and forth…and said one day I’ll find out!

By age 14 Scott got a job rebuilding washing machine transmissions for a used appliance store; after mastering washers, he began repairing dryers, refrigerators and stoves (most makes &models). Scott began Appliance repairs in customer’s homes when he got his driver’s license at age 16 he would do field service after school and on weekends. After graduating high school at age 17 he took a full time position in the Appliance Repair Industry and has been servicing his community ever since.  By age 26 he began operating Superior Appliance Service in Hayward, CA.

The necessity comes in to place from being taught that everybody must find a way to earn a living. So being able to repair the appliances that are in most homes, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers and stoves, etc… there would always be something to fix. Scott says “it’s a dirty job… but somebody has got to do it!”


Our mission at Superior Appliance Service has always been to provide Fast, Friendly and Efficient Service in our Customers homes.